Counter tops and sink, so important to a kitchen!

30 Apr

Yeah!  Our counter tops finally showed up (about 2 weeks late).  They are beautiful, but more work than I thought they’d be.  My poor husband had to seal the bottom side of them with 4 coats of mineral oil/ beeswax mix.  Then he started to place them and found out that our walls are not quite square (anywhere!).  One wall was so bad that it was flush at the beginning, and then about 2 feet later had an inch gap from the wall.  So we had to make some decisions and it ended up adding more work to the project.

We hadn’t  planned on doing a wooden piece as a back splash, but just wanted the marble tile tp go right to the counter top and then seal it.  Well, that wasn’t going to work anymore because of the gaps and uneven cabinets (another problem).  So we decided on a small 1″ x 2″ maple board to trim out the counter tops, and then the marble tile would continue from there.   When the counter tops finally were installed my husband then had to seal the top as well.  He did 2 coats of the mineral oil/beeswax combination, and then 4 coats of just mineral oil.  The counter tops took longer to install then planned, but oh, so worth it!


Counter tops the day they were delivered getting acclimated.


Counter top on our desk area


Our spectacular new LARGE sink, 19″ wide x 32″ long x 10″ deep.   Dan installed it using the under mount method with our new counter tops.  He clamped it to allow the adhesive to set overnight.


Aidan and Daddy installing the new garbage disposal, very exciting!!!


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