Putting the Kitchen Back together!

23 Apr

It has been awhile since our last post and we are tired! Renovation has now been about a month, we are almost there, but with busy jobs, a 2 year old, animals, and a messy house it has been somewhat trying at times.

My husband is amazing! He has been working after work every night to try to finish our kitchen. He never stops and never complains! What more could I ask for. 🙂 He has had a lot of help from his father, Mike, and every now and then our son, Aidan, wants to help out!


Aidan, Daddy, and Mike talking a break for a photo op. They have been busying trying to fix the ceiling where the soffit once was! BYE-BYE soffit, you made the ceilings seem lower than they actually are!


The ladder has become one of Aidan’s favorite new toys! (we are going to have to hide it after this project!)


Getting to work!



We are hoping to finish the kitchen area within the next week. So there will be a lot of posts during the next two weeks! I’m getting soooo excited!


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