Our 1984 Kitchen Renovation– Before……

7 Apr

We moved into our 1984 contemporary style home in October of 2011.  Since then we have been doing small projects here and there,  trying to make our house feel more like a home.  I plan on adding some of our smaller projects to this blog as well, but need to get through this kitchen renovation first!  🙂

After a year and a half in our home we decided it was time to tackle the outdated kitchen.  My husband is a wonderful cook and the kitchen, which is not styled to our liking also has some issues of functionality as well.  So we decided instead of gutting it, which we’d like to do in the future, we would design and renovate it ourselves to make it prettier and more functional.  The home owner we purchased the house from did a good job of updating the tile flooring in the kitchen, especially once we saw the linoleum he had covered!  He also tried to make the counter tops more pleasing to the eye by tiling them as well.  They do look better than the bright orange laminate counter top we found underneath, but they are extremely hard to clean and we don’t have one continuous flat surface in the kitchen to prepare food.  They also put in a beige sink that while very large, stains very easily and no amount of scrubbing and use of cleaning products has helped!!!!  So it was time to make this kitchen our own!!!  The kitchen is part of one big room that includes an eat in portion and a family room.  We decided to empty out the entire room and repaint everything….. I will be keeping the same furniture, but will changing and adding some new decorative touches to make the whole room seem new and renovated!

Before Pictures:  The only thing we changed from the previous owner in these pictures was the paint color which used to be a fleshy color.   We painted the walls grey and added curtains and the new lighting above our table.



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